Why the Next Growth Spurt for
Wholesale is Going to Come from Mobile Technology
Why the Next Growth Spurt for  <br> Wholesale is Going to Come from Mobile Technology

Estimated Growth of E-Commerce


Saying that E-commerce in India is booming is an understatement. E-commerce has taken the Indian B2C market to a whole new level. To help you understand how, here is a statistic, as per Unitus Seed Fund, currently the eCommerce market is valued at around $3.1 billion and it is estimated to be worth $75 billion by 2025. That’s a forecasted growth of 25 times in 9 years!

Challenges of the wholesale market in India


In a country where extreme weather conditions, infrastructural difficulties, dismal transport facilities make shopping into a chore rather than a pleasure, eCommerce is a godsend. And it’s not just the urban big city population who is enjoying this experience. Consumers from Tier II and Tier III cities seem to be the ones who are driving this growth to exponential levels.

E-commerce VS M-Commerce


However, the penetration of e-commerce through the traditional channels of desktops and laptops is restricted to a very small percentage of the population. This is where M-commerce or mobile commerce steps in. Integration of the internet and increasing penetration of mobile technology means that most of the population’s first and sole access to the internet will be through a mobile phone.

On the brink of a revolution


The wholesale market is still untouched by this revolution. As most of it is traditional and offline, operated by multiple small players who lack the technology, resources, budget and know how to ride this internet growth wave.

WYDR Mobile Wholesale Ecommerce


M-commerce platforms seem to be the answer for wholesalers, as they are the bridge through which they can leverage their attributes and provide differentiated services. By getting on board with a mobile platform wholesalers and distributors can cater to a larger audience and get extra benefits.
One such m-commerce platform is WYDR, an app created to cater to wholesalers and retailers. In a first of its kind move, WYDR is going to act as a bridge between wholesalers and retailers making the whole process of the supply chain, procurement and logistics smoother, cheaper, more efficient and hassle free.

How WYDR claims to do this is:

  • By getting on board the WYDR platform a wholesaler’s products are visible to retailers and buyers across India. Consequently, sales are bound to go higher.

  • WYDR assures payment security and authenticity of buyer, relieving concerns of trustworthiness and genuine.

  • Logistics is entirely handled by WYDR. So the hassle of transport and warehousing gets eliminated.

  • With the transparency of the process and the functionality to deal directly with the retailer, the middlemen get eliminated thereby reducing costs.

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