Visual Merchandising-
How to get the look that brings in the crowd
Visual Merchandising-  <br>How to get the look that brings in the crowd

Ever been in a situation where you’ve seen a product in a display window and wanted it, even though you don’t really need it. That’s the magic of visual merchandising. Big stores and retail chains acknowledge the importance of how the look of your store and product make an impact on sales. That’s why they spend lots of money in hiring professionals to make their displays look drool worthy.

So how do you a small retailer amp up the look of your store to get the customers buzzing. Read on.

Change your displays monthly- Waiting for festivals and seasons is going to last you only for so long. Try changing your displays with new stock. Merchandise that is meant to go together should be placed together instead of displaying as and when you receive stock, to avoid dilution. Also, when items like that are placed together they can lead to an add-on sale.

Color is Key- Colors are powerful; they both influence and reflect our moods. Hence, it makes sense to make the colors a priority when planning a display. Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes- your feet are bound to follow what your eyes like. Using contrasting colors, monochromes with a splash of bright red will help in creating eye-catching displays.

Show the desirable products- Don’t display the things the customer needs, rather show what they want or desire. A customer who needs to buy a mixer might end up treating himself to a food processor if it is displayed well and addresses his wants.

Create a hotspot- A hotspot is an area that draws customer’s attention. Creating a hotspot is important as research shows that skillfully planned hotspot can increase sales by almost 229%. The first hotspot is the outside of your store; this is what will bring the customers inside. So, you can display items at eye level to ensure that they look at it, use a different formation like a pyramid to break repetitiveness or display in groups of three which are a lucky number for display, so say the gurus of visual merchandising. The other hotspot is in your store, which can be created in a number of ways. A few ideas that can be used to create one are using signage, light beams etc.

Start closest to the door- Shoppers have a tendency to move counterclockwise in a store. Display your newest and highest margin items closest to the door on the right. Ensure that the display is spread over various heights and has enough products so that the customers can pick up and touch the items.

Showtime- Lighting your display well is a key aspect of visual merchandising. It’s important to correctly light your display to highlight the merchandise. Adjust overheard lighting. In case you have a dark display with no option for overhead lighting, then try moving it to an existing light source or use small spot lights from the floor.

Signage is important- Use easy to read, short, crisp signs to highlight your merchandise. While visuals attract customers, words engage them. While you don’t need to be very wordy, few short well worded, well placed signs make a lot of difference.

While we won’t claim that these steps are all that will make your merchandise sell. We definitely do think that these will help in getting better sales.

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