Time for the Indian Retailer to Buy in Bulk Online
Time for the Indian Retailer to Buy in Bulk Online

Indian consumers have taken to ecommerce for all their needs from grocery to apparel to financial services. Ecommerce companies have pulled out all stops in sweetening the offers on a the entire range of consumer products starting with books and mobiles upto high end televisions. Having tried and tested the quality, trust and delivery aspects of ecommerce services, the young Indian is now hooked onto the sheer convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping.

However one level above the consumer, there is not much change in the purchase behavior. The offline retailer still follows the traditional method of purchase. Typically his source of stock comes from the wholesale market in a big city or from the sub-distributor if he is in a smaller city. Purchase happens through a physical visit to the respective buying hub. The retailer takes a day off, placing his shop in the care of an assistant or manager and travels to the sourcing market. There he tours the market for the latest styles and designs, keeps an eye on what is the offtake by other buyers. He then purchases from his trusted suppliers with whom he has a relationship for years if not for generations. If he is from the same city then he arranges for carriers to drop the packages to his vehicle. Else he has to tie-up with the local transporter. After spending a day or more depending on his location he is back at his store. Then he awaits the delivery by the transporter either to his store or to a depot from which he picks it up.

To some extent whatsapp has helped retailers to place their orders on the basis of images shared by their wholesalers / suppliers. However one has to keep track of what was the order quantity and price agreed to with which supplier. Payments, receipts of goods and any other form of communication like email, sms have all to be synced together for final accounting.

Wydr is here to change the way the retailer sources his goods. With Wydr you do not need to leave your store or depend on the wholesaler to send you what he thinks will sell in your store. Wydr app provides the marketplace option where you can check the latest styles, designs and prices for bulk buying in any category – toys, stationery, men’s apparel, women’s ethnic and westernwear, home décor – bed, bath, kitchen and much more. You can compare across suppliers and buy what’s best for your market. Once you place your order you can leave it to Wydr to handle delivery to your store or to the nearest transport hub which ever suits you best. Payment and delivery status is easy to track on the Wydr app whether you buy from one supplier or many.

So download the Wydr app today and see how it can ease the way you do business.



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