How to Increase Repeat Buyers for the Growth of Your Business
How to Increase Repeat Buyers for the Growth of Your Business

The key to business growth is a growing customer base. It is great to get new/unique customers. However, it is also important to retain your existing buyers. Wydr has witnessed significant growth of several businesses that took very strategic steps to make the existing customers hold on to them.

Wydr is glad to share those strategies with you. We are sure, these strategies are going to help you make your customers come back to you repeatedly.



One very important thing about Wydr is that it provides buyers and sellers the scope to communicate with each other through live chat – WydrChat. When the buyer reaches out to you through chat, you need to be available to respond. We have noticed that 31% of the deals closed on WydrChat have been fixed within 10 minutes of initiation of conversation. So, when you get to fix a deal by chatting with the buyer, you automatically make the way for the next sale to the same buyer.

This is how you build a trust factor, which is essential in online wholesale shopping. Once you have taken the buyer in your confidence, he will prefer buying from you.


Product Quality Assurance

We at Wydr have noticed that buyers ask the sellers through WydrChat about the quality of the products. When a buyer approaches you, do respond to his queries as soon as possible, and convince him about the quality of the product.

Make sure that every piece of product or the entire lot is of the quality you promised. It is the buyer’s experience of purchase that decides whether he will repeat buying from you. On an online B2B marketplace like Wydr, your buyer will find many options to buy from. So, your products have to make your buyer happy; and a happy customer always comes back.


Timely dispatching

Every ‘how to sell online’ manual insists on quick delivery of orders. The buyer who is buying from you must receive his stock in time. Any delay will make him reluctant to buy from you next time. So, as soon as you receive the manifest from Wydr, keep your products ready for dispatch. It will quicken the delivery process, and will add to the factors that offer your buyer a happy buying experience.


Offer great margins

Why should your customer buy from another seller if you offer him the best possible deals? Offer him the best deal every time. You will definitely be on his mind when he will buy the same stocks next time. When you are into online bulk selling, you have to offer the most lucrative deals, so that the buyer is tempted to buy from you again and again. When you offer such great deals several times, you naturally gain a regular-buyer.



The buyer, of course, knows what he needs. However, when you both communicate through chat, you can offer advices to help him make wiser purchases. When he is benefitted with your suggestion, he will confide in you. As it has been mentioned earlier, trust factor is very important in the field of online B2B wholesale.


Let the End Strike a Beginning

When it’s all said and done, a bargain struck and a sale confirmed, don’t just let it end. Ask for feedback (rating). Let him share how satisfied he is with your product. This feel of familiarity will bring the buyer back to you for the next time and many times more in future.

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