How Selling on a B2B Platform is Different from Selling on B2C
How Selling on a B2B Platform is Different from Selling on B2C

Most sellers are under the impression that all e-commerce stores are, at heart, much the same and this is where the problem lies. Clubbing online platforms catering to B2C or B2B market into one common basic e-commerce “shape” is literally like assuming that the design for a pet shop and bakery should essentially be the same.

Selling online seems like a promising channel as a seller, however for wholesale, going through the B2C route is not the best answer. Because of some key differences, a business catering to B2B market cannot successfully adapt to a B2C platform.

The first key difference is the customer himself, in the case of B2C purchases are governed mostly by emotions and are one off. This means that as a seller you may have to face many product returns, the customer may not like the product, may just decide that he does not need it and a whole lot of non-reasons that mean nothing but harm your business. If on the other hand, you choose to sell on a B2B platform, your buyer is an informed and knowledgeable retailer who is buying the product for his own business. This means that if you offer good quality and price, the buyer will most likely make repeat purchases and may even help in word of mouth publicity.

Another key difference is the volume of sales, on a B2C platform, you are restricted to selling a single unit at a time, and in fact, many of them have restriction in place to limit the units a customer can purchase making it labor intensive and unproductive. Comparatively, on a B2B platform like Wydr you can sell your merchandise in bulk, thus liquidating your stock quickly. This also means that your working capital needs are met and you do not face a cash crunch.

For the wholesalers or manufacturers whose online presence is limited to their company website, selling on online B2B platform is great way to get into e-commerce. By selling on a platform like Wydr, manufacturers and wholesalers can build their brand and get recognition. Wydr promotes products across social media platforms creating awareness among thousands of buyers spread across the country. With a B2B platform, you get huge number of new leads everyday.

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