Great news for Fashion Retailers!! Wydr launches Assortment
feature on its App
Great news for Fashion Retailers!! Wydr launches Assortment<br> feature on its App

Wydr, India’s first B2B marketplace has launched Assortment feature in its app to help buyers build their product assortment within the minimum required quantity. At present, this feature is available in select fashion categories like kurti, shirts, jeans & footwear. The company plans to extend the feature in many other product categories in the coming months.

In the case of some products, especially fashion, some sizes tend to sell more than others do. Retailers stock their stores accordingly to ensure minimal leftover stock. Most retailers in fashion build their assortment as S, S, M, M, L, and XL. Medium sizes are fastest selling ones, while XL has the least number of buyers. In case of footwear the top selling sizes for men are 8 and for women 5. Hence, retailers are apt to stock more these sizes to cater to maximum number of their customers.

The assortment feature has been created to ensure that retailers do not have to buy the minimum quantity in every size to build an assortment. The buyer can increase the number of pieces of a specific product that are more in demand and reduce or eliminate the size that has less or no demand thus reducing the inventory. With this unique feature, Wydr aims to drive a great b2b experience on the platform through flexibility and freedom of choice.

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