Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online
Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

Wydr, with its mobile wholesale e-commerce app, is bringing about a shift in the fashion wholesale industry in India. The wholesale market in the country, especially in the domain of garments and fashion, was more inclined to offline buying and selling. Wydr’s mobile app based wholesale-only e-commerce platform has paved the path for a new era of wholesale shopping. Here’s how.

Doesn’t Matter Where You Are!

If you are a retailer, dealing in garments or fashion accessories, Wydr app has a lot in store for you, no matter which part of the country you belong to. Even if you have your store in Visakhapatnam or Ernakulam, you can source sarees, garments and other fashionwear straight from manufacturers in Surat or Rajasthan. Great! Isn’t it?

Similarly, if you are a fashion wholesaler in Surat or Rajasthan, you can reach out to retailers across the country through Wydr. They will check out your products/catalog, contact you through chat and close deals. Your local business goes national, adding to your customer-base. That’s cool!

Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

Convenience – Of Course, It Matters!

Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

Imagine! A complete stock of men’s shirts or women’s sandals is delivered to your store. All you had to do is to tap through the products on Wydr wholesale shopping app, be amazed to see the great margins, and place a bulk order for the products. How convenient! Isn’t it?

And for you, wholesalers, the situation is no less convenient. You do not have to do anything to market your product. Retailers on Wydr visit your store, check out your products, and place orders for them. You get the payment. Naturally, it’s similarly convenient for you.

Assortment – Choice Matters

Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

While buying in bulk, especially in the fashion domain, color/size assortment is an important choice to make for retailers. On Wydr, manufacturers and wholesalers sell products in assorted lots. Plus, you can build your own color/size assortment. You are particular about your choice. Wydr understands it, and has.

Growth – What Matters A Lot!

Whether you are a fashion retailer or a garment wholesaler, Wydr gives you the scope to build new relations.

For a wholesaler, reach is wider, exposure is bigger. You sell more; naturally, your business grows.

If you are a fashion retailer, you can source variety of quality products and enjoy better margins. Your customers must be happy to shop from your store. That’s it; that’s how you grow.

Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

Business Relations – What Matters Most!

Fashion Wholesale in India Is Moving Online

On Wydr Wholesale E-Commerce App, India’s own wholesale marketplace, wholesalers have the scope to find repeat-buyers and build new business relations. The retailers, too, have multiple options to choose from. On wydr you meet sellers and manufacturers across the country. Develop business relationships with the ones who cater to your needs best.

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