Catalog Styling: How Online Wholesalers can Score Big Sales
Catalog Styling: How Online Wholesalers can Score Big Sales

In a traditional wholesale setup, sellers have do not really rely on visual merchandising, after all this is a purely B2C concept where the display and look of a store has a big impact on sales. B2B market on the other hand relies on the quality and brand of the product. Truth be told, there are thousands of wholesalers in India who operate out of hole in the wall offices and have turnovers worth millions.

However, the whole game changes when wholesalers enter the e-commerce fray. Great sales on e-commerce are determined by the look of the product, visually appealing products have higher number of takers. This is an obvious fact relevant to everyone, even wholesalers, who are customers on B2C sites tend to gravitate towards products that have clearer, sharper images with concise descriptions.

Therefore, if a wholesaler wants to have successful presence on a platform like Wydr, the first and foremost step is to upload a good quality catalog. This is true for all product categories. However, for some product categories, it becomes even more pertinent to have an attractive and stylish catalog. Wholesalers and manufacturers of clothing, accessories, footwear etc have to be more attentive as to how their merchandise looks in order to increase sales.

While all this is well and good, the problem lies in the fact that many wholesalers lack experience and expertise when it comes to visual merchandising as they have never had use for it before. To help wholesalers with this issue, Wydr offers catalog styling services, a suite of professional styling services that aim to take merchant catalog to the next level.

With Wydr’s catalog styling services, merchants get to create a catalog that is attractive and professional, thereby establishing themselves as premium sellers. Also with a quality catalog, buyers are more likely to have faith in the seller’s merchandise. Another important result is that a good quality catalog improves rankings in search as more people see it.

Wydr currently offers nine services as part of the catalog styling which including tech specs, image editing, model shoot, catalog content, product shoot and lingerie shoot. By using any of these services, wholesalers can amp up their catalog and drive higher sales.

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