Benefits of getting your wholesale business online
Benefits of getting your wholesale business online

The wholesale market in India has largely been missing in action in terms of technology, or innovation. Due to a number of issues like fragmented distribution, prohibitive expansion costs, underdeveloped and in many cases undeveloped infrastructure, most wholesalers limit their business to their known buyers with face-to-face interaction being the norm. Even buyers believe that it is only by visiting the wholesale hub that they can get good quality products and better prices.

With the entry of e-commerce, the way people buy and sell products in India has changed a lot, m-commerce, which is a subset of e-commerce, seems to be the way that everyone is now conducting business as most of the population from tier 2 and tier 3 cities access internet through their mobiles. Thus, it seems like the right time for wholesalers in India to get on board a wholesale online shopping platform in order to meet needs of the new age retailer. Since it is a challenge to have their personal wholesale online shopping platform, whether is a website or app, it makes sense for wholesalers to join an online wholesale app and have their own mobile wholesale business.

1. Access to a larger audience across the country

Online Wholesale India

Most wholesalers in tier 2 or tier 3 towns cater mostly to the retailers in and around that geographic area. They do not have the resources and bandwidth required to cater to a larger audience. With an online wholesale app, this problem is resolved, as a wholesaler in Kanpur can sell his leather products to a retailer in Chandigarh without incurring heavy costs. Thus, a Mobile Wholesale Business helps wholesalers reach a bigger target market from the comfort of their own home.

2. Payment Security for every transaction

Mobile Wholesale App

Most wholesalers identify the recovery of payments as one of the biggest challenges in distribution setup. Delayed payments and bad debts effect almost all of the sellers thus affecting cash flow. Comparatively on a mobile wholesale business, payment is secure and quick. The sellers have a real-time view of the status of the transaction to track progress. In addition, since all of this is under the ownership of the app itself, the risk involved is nil.

3. Expansion in a cost effective manner

Wholesalers Buyers & Sellers

Every seller would love to expand his business to multiple locations, however, in reality, it is a huge challenge to set up a hub, get a sales team etc. Not only are the costs prohibitive, but the hassles of managing are also big. However, with a wholesale online shopping platform, the seller does not have to incur high expenses. By uploading their catalog onto the app the seller can show all his product offering to prospective buyers.

4. No technical knowledge needed.

Online Wholesale B2B App

Building a website or an app to take your business online is requires technical expertise and a lot of money. Big players might be able to come up with the resources required for such a setup, but for smaller players, it is a challenge. In addition, managing technology is not the core competence of wholesalers. Online wholesale apps have their dedicated technology teams who build and constantly improve the app to provide the best experience for buyers and sellers. They provide a whole set of technology modules like Catalog Management, Order Management, Billing & Payment, etc.

Thus, it is clear that Online Wholesale Platform like Wydr is a brilliant opportunity for
wholesalers across India to expand their business.


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