6 Master Strokes to Increase Online Bulk Selling on Wydr App
6 Master Strokes to Increase Online Bulk Selling on Wydr App

Wydr has made online bulk selling simple with its B2B mobile e-commerce app that is tailored only for wholesalers and retailers. It has significantly reduced the efforts of the wholesalers by bringing a thousand retailers to them. So, if you have been trying hard for exposure to a large number of retailers or bulk buyers, all you need to do is to sell on Wydr mobile app. Download the app if you haven’t already, and get access to a thousand retailers instantly.
Once you start selling on Wydr, you will feel that doing business here is a different experience. However, we have some simple tips for you that will work like magic in increasing your sales figures. Check these out.

1. Is your store located right?Store

Wholesalers can create their online store on Wydr app under a wide range of categories. Have you chosen the right category, considering you type of products? To create your store in the right category is essentially important, since it determines your store’s visibility and accessibility to your target retail customers. Wydr app’s interface is so easy and user-friendly that you can find the right category and create your store very easily in just a few steps. After you have created your store, add items for sale.

2. Do your product images look attractive?attractive

The first thing that the retailers can see about your product is the image that you put on your store. So, make sure that the images of the items are clear and attractive. Showcase high quality images clicked from the right angles, so that the buyers know how the items look like.

3. Have you described your product properly?product

Along with the image of the items, you must also add proper descriptions. The description should be short, but must give the key details about the product. Keep in mind that the retailers would like to know specific details about your product but would not like to spend much time. So, make your descriptions crisp and specific.

4. Do you share/promote your product on social media?promote

Wydr does it for you on a regular basis. So, do not worry about it even if you do not do. But, if you do it, it may add to the sales figures of your items.

5. Do you offer discounts from time to time?

We, at Wydr, have noticed that online wholesale deals are closed faster if the wholesaler offers discounts. So, you can plan discounts that will make your items even more attractive to the retailers. It is not necessary to offer discounts all the time. You can come up with some attractive discounts during the festive seasons or on various special occasions.

6. Do you respond to buyers’ queries instantly?instantly

Most successful online bulk wholesale dealers on Wydr have shared that deals are closed faster when they respond to the retailers instantly through Wydr Chat facility. So, we would suggest you to use Wydr Chat and get back to your retailers as fast as possible. The more reachable you are to your buyers, the faster you can close deals. Delay on your part will make the retailer approach another wholesaler. On the other hand, if you respond fast, you will develop acquaintance with the retailers. Naturally, they will approach you every time they look for relevant products.

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