5 Reasons Why WydrChat is Your Door to Big Deals and a Better Network
5 Reasons Why WydrChat is Your Door to Big Deals and a Better Network

A big part of the buying process is the “human touch”, whether for personal or B2B buying. An amazing customer experience is the trump card that ensures repeat purchase. In fact, in B2B buying, especially in India, the whole thing is dependent on personal equations built over a long period.

With WydrChat you can build these relationships easily. The importance of chat is evident in the fact that on an average we see 18000 chat requests by retailers in a month. That’s 18000 new prospects for your business. Every month!!

With an application like WydrChat, your customer can connect with you directly and get the assistance he requires. We look at how WydrChat is the door for the stupendous success of your business.

Customer Convenience

Customer is the king. When your customer is happy, your business is doing well. Convenience for customer is paramount; after all, they are choosing e-commerce because of the same reason. With immediate access to help, the customers save money and time. By being available on chat, you assure the customer of their value.

Retailers regularly send chat requests to sellers on Wydr, the reason for this lies in the fact that each buyer’s need is unique and a purchase decision is not possible without discussion with the seller. If the customer is able to get all the information easily at one go, he is most likely to buy the product.


Ease in Relationship Building

As we pointed out earlier, success of B2B transactions lies in long term relations and equations based on trust and loyalty. Most wholesalers, online or offline, agree that almost 80% of their sales are driven by repeat buyers. Connecting with them on chat and answering their questions is the first step in this direction.

What’s even better with an e-commerce platform like Wydr is that you can connect to multiple buyers at the same time. In fact, even your sales team can connect with retailers thus maximizing benefits and minimizing efforts.

Ease in Relationship Building

Increased and Prompt Sales

It is a sort of general wisdom or understanding among marketing forums that being available on chat can lead to an improvement in sales. The key is that the customers have someone to walk them through the purchase immediately, thus reducing confusion.

Being available on chat helps you close sales fast and effectively. 30% of the deals closed on WydrChat have been fixed within 10 minutes of initiation of conversation. So, you can figure out that being available on chat, or responding to buyers’ queries in realtime increases your sales.

Another benefit is that by being available on chat you can upsell. A customer who is engaged is sure to listen to your suggestions regarding other products that might go with his purchase. Another benefit is that if you have a great deal you can engage the customer on your own. One of our sellers from Delhi was able to sell a lot of 50 shirts to a customer who had previously bought 5 shirts from him by offering him a customized deal.


You Are One Up Against Competitors

By being available on chat and engaging regularly with your customers, you stand to gain their trust and loyalty. The customer is more inclined to buy from you rather than a seller who he isn’t connected to. As we have already mentioned, the success of a B2B seller lies in repeat purchase, and connecting with a customer on chat bridges the gap created by a virtual platform, thereby, ensuring that he becomes a repeat buyer.

You Are One Up Against Competitors

Helps You Address Customer’s Special Requirements

Many retailers have some special requests; some customization they require in terms of the product, payment terms or something else. By addressing such requests, you can build rapport and create a sales opportunity for the long term as he is more likely to approach you in future for all such requirements rather than seeking a new seller. Additionally, when the customer uses live chat, he tries to ensure that the product is as advertised. By reassuring the customer and engaging with him, you create an environment of trust.


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