Intex Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner

Intex Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner

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Product Description

LCD TV Tuner

Enjoy the telecasting of your television programs on your computer monitor. The Intex Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner can spare you the need for a high-end LCD TV by enabling television on your system. The picture quality will be impressive and you can view your preferred television shows in both an expansive screen width as well as the standard display size with the 16:9 or 4:3 display modes respectively. The Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner supports a compatibility with PAL BG/DK/I/M/N or SECAM BG/DK system of air and cable TV to play television channels on your PC.

PiP Function

With the built-in PiP functionality of the Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner, you can set-up multiple inset windows on your computer screen while the primary program/channel is displayed in the background in the full display size. This function enables you to crowd your PC monitor with numerous running programs/channels to play several TV shows, films and more simultaneously. You need not specially turn on your television to watch an important piece of news being broadcasted or download the video clips of your favourite sports tournaments from internet. Watch different television channels all at the same time in one go thanks to this PiP support built-in the Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner.

On-Screen Display

Customize the display aspects, such as, contrast, brightness, vertical/horizontal positioning etc. or select the viewing options for your TV telecasting with the OSD (On-Screen Display) control panel that will pop up on your PC monitor. The Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner features the OSD display to give you a more personalized television viewing experience on your computer screen. You can also easily operate and control your television programs from a distance with the fully-functional remote control that accompanies this Sky-Pro IT-195 FM LCD TV Tuner.