Birdy 4Pcs Handi Set handi-A2pi

Birdy 4Pcs Handi Set handi-A2pi

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MRP / MOP : ₹ 508/Set

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₹ 358/Set

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Product Description

Set of 4 pcs color : pink capacity: 1000ml, 1300ml, 1700ml, 2000ml this Set of handi cook and serve ware is stylish and beautiful to look at. it is durable and made of high quality stainless steel material. the cookware Set includes 4 handis which can be used for storing , cooking, mixing or serving food items. this Set is made from high quality stainless steel making it exclusive and durable. this handi Set has been beautiFully designed to add grace to your dining experience. it is strong in construction used for storing chopped vegetables, dry gravy, sheera, food snacks, vegetables, curries, rice. & many such food snacks. compaq size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. when not in used smaller container can be nested into bigger container saving lot of shelf space in kitchen. features: - cook faster & save fuel, - amazingly low price, - high-quality stainless steel, - hard & durable, - easy to clean and wash, - cooking and storing food, - store fresh cuts and curd, - store bakery products, - serve food and puddings, - store knead dough, - durable as a daily serve ware Set, - mix batters& salads.