Barbeque Grill sr-barbeque-A2

Barbeque Grill sr-barbeque-A2

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Product Description

material: iron 1.barbeque grill:iron :31x26cm. 2.barbeque cooking iron bucket:26x34x11cm 3case frame:iron tong:23x2cm tong:30x2cm 6.charcol grip:17.5x3.3cm(2pcs) fuel:charcoal or briquette.please use the igniter when you start. overall size: 38x30.5x35cm weight:approximate:4kgs 7.barbecue cleaner brush Set small :15.5x2.5cm 8.barbeque cleaner brush Set big:17.5x2.5cm 9.barbecue two side cleaner:17.5x2cm 10.barbecue chacoal fan:29.5x20cm features:-1.double-structure barbecue body 2.the 2 attached barbeque grill and cooking plate can be seprately used for wire grill barbecue and iron bucket barbecue 3. the cooking plate is through silicone resin processing,so the food on it is not easily burnt and its easy to clean. 4. the height of the barbecue body can be adjustable. precautions: 1please use it outdoors.there is a danger to catch fire when it is used indoor. 2 please use it in a safe place.there should be no inflammables araound it. 3 don't clean it with a wire ball or cleanser etc. 4.make sure that the fire is put out and put the coal ashes into the garbage heap after using it on the lawn in the garden. 5 please wear gloves when assembling it. 6 please pay special attention to the continually rising temprature when it is barbecuing.